Sunday, February 14, 2010


So as many of you most likely have heard by now the greater DC/ Maryland area has been slammed with snow this February. In our area we've gotten about an accumulative of 72 inches of snow. I know there are plenty of you saying "sure we get that every winter, no big deal you sissies", but here in Maryland it is most certainly nothing to sneeze at. I was trapped indoors for the majority of the week, but once the roads were cleared and I could get back to work I just felt I needed to take advantage of the abundance of white stuff. With some encouragement from some friends on facebook saying I should "Do iiiitttttt!" with no clue to what it was, other than something possibly involving a flame thrower, I started out on a mission to make some sort of snow man. The only suggestion was a 100 foot snowman and that wasn't happening, so I thought of the next best thing; which brings us to the point. I made a Snowlax. More specifically a Snorlax made solely out of snow. I don't think that it's quite to scale, but it's bigger than me and that's good enough.

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