Thursday, November 18, 2010


For those unfamiliar with MSPaintAdventures, you're really doing yourself an injustice by not acquainting yourself with it. It's quite possibly the most brilliant web comic I've ever read that really takes advantage of the medium. Unlike most webcomics you find out there it's not about "my whacky, youthful, cynical life", or reviews on games, or more so just still images. Andrew Hussie takes it to the next level. He adds animation to a comic where I have always wanted to do and hoped to see sprout where it has so obviously been waiting to be sown.

Thanks to this amazing comic Max and I did a homage to some of his characters for Halloween, when it was disgraceful that no one knew who we were. For those that do not know who we are in these pictures, it's time for a change. DO yourself a favor and go to

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