Monday, September 22, 2008

Flash examples

I stumbled upon Arthur de Pins twice in my life without knowing it. I voted for his short Revolution of the Crabs a few years ago for the Nicktoons animation contest. About a year later I discovered Geraldine on youtube through an animation channel. Once I saw his name in the credits I was able to find a full portfolio of his work. He is a great example of the new breed of Flash animators. The majority of his work is very well animated and designed. The main complaint I have with his work is that at times the movement is so fluid and ever moving that it looks like a horrendous use of motion/shape tweening.

His short films are where it's at. Especially Revolution of the Crabs. Everyone needs to watch it.

A fair warning though if you check out his illustrative work be prepared to be a fair amount of disturbed. He has some raunchy drawings of a strange mixture of frog/chibi/pin up girls.

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