Sunday, September 21, 2008

premises due

"Blocks" are some of the worst experiences someone can have. They would be on a mediocre level of bad things that can happen to you, but none-the-less they are always frustrating. The premises are due tomorrow, and I don't seem to recall any handout, and each idea I have just hits a flat note at the moment. It seems when one tries too hard to make something good happen it never will be. So far my premises are:

1. A guy walking down cliché ave. (ie. falling pianos, open man holes, etc.) and narrowly escapes each only to spontaneously combust at the end.
not quite sure if this will work. May be too complicated.
2. Box of kittens. Evil kittens.
eh. I'm bored already of this.
3. A guy is seen in a totally empty area and the only thing that gives it life is different beats and rhythm causing his appearance and area to change.
so far this is my favorite. It requires a number of backgrounds, but then is simple in terms of cycled dance animations. There's a lot of freedom with it. The major speed bump is what music I use. I may be forced to create my own.
4. Something involving a dirigible. I was thinking something classy, along the lines of a few rich men just standing about in a cushy area sipping tea tooting "what what, splendid day for an air ride what." until it zooms out to the scene of the dirigible hitting the building.
very classy, right? Perhaps a bit too simple though. Not sure if it will meet the required time length.

That's all I have at the moment..... I just don't know what to do.

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