Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dirigibles don't fall in love, they just fall.

Robyn Haley “Dirigibles don’t fall in love (w/t)”

Sound Effect


Blowing Winds and the slight ambient sound of water flowing.

Shot of the whale floating in the sky going about his business.

Blow hole noise (slight burst of air).

Close up shot of the whale blowing out clouds.

Seagull caws

Long shot of whale. Two seagulls fly by cheerfully intertwining their paths.

More seagull caws

MS of whale smiling

Fading gull caws.

Long shot of seagulls fading into the distance and over the shoulder shot of whale.

Ambient sea/sky sounds

CU of whale. Looks around.

Ambient sea/sky sounds

POV nothing is there but the sky and his clouds.

Ambient sea/sky sounds.

Slight whale sigh.

ECU The whale casts his eyes down in his loneliness.

Ambient sea/sky sounds.

MS. Whale spots something in the distance.

Distant sound of engine

LS. Slight zoom. A dirigible floats in the distance through the clouds.

Whale coo.

CU. Whale is pleasantly surprised. Assumes the dirigible is another whale.

Engine sounds and rushing wind.

LS. Pan. The excited whale flies next to the dirigible. It tries to impress it by blowing out a heart cloud.

Loud humming of engine.

MS of dirigible having no reaction.

Wind noises.

Cross cut of the whale looking perplexed.

Gleeful whale noise.

Cut to MS of whale and dirigible. The whale smiles at its idea and flies in front of the machine.

Explosion, flames, faint sound of people screaming.

MS. Instead of gently nuzzling it, the dirigible crashes into the whale.

Flames, faint sound of screams.

Down shot. The dirigible falls toward the ocean.

A splash.

CU. The whale looks absolutely mortified.

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